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Mục Vụ SALT And LIGHT MISSION Cần Tuyển Thêm Nhân Sự Mảng Trẻ Em

by Ban Biên Tập
30 đọc



Job Descriptions

  • Maintain and develop SAC program particularly, make long-term children ministry strategy.
  • Contact and communicate with head office to run SAC program accordingly. 
  • Manage and update SAC data every 3 years.
  • Arrange and guide sponsors’ visitation trips to build relationship between them and their SAC children
  • Make SAC mid-year and annual report in both English & Vietnamese.
  • Design SAC Annual letter and guide SAC children to write to their sponsors annually.
  • Translate SAC letters into English to send to sponsors and do translation for other letters between sponsors and SAC children.
  • Organize SAC activities such as training, Vacation Bible School, Education Improvement Program…
  • Communicate and work with fields to make sure SAC activities to be carried out accordingly.
  • Looking for suitable volunteers to support SAC activities when it is necessary.
  • Travel to fields to visit SAC children and support Short-term Mission Team in need, carry out necessary works.
  • Seek local sponsors for SAC projects.
  • Support and perform other duties as assigned in general events of SALM.

Job Requirements

  • Be a mature Christian, love God and have a desire to serve God.
  • Have a passion for children and have experiences in children works.
  • Being able to work in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Be humble, diligent and willing to learn.
  • Well organizational and administrative skills.
  • Teamwork & time management skill.
  • Good in English skills.
  • Office computer proficiency (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and e-mail)
  • Be willing to travel on weekends.
  • 27 years old +

To apply, please submit (1) Your CV in English; (2) Your Personal Salvation Testimony (including your calling testimony) to Salt & Light Ministry. Email: salmvn2008@gmail.com (Mr. Luke Nguyen)

Suitable applicants will be contacted for interview.

Bài vở cộng tác và góp ý xin gửi về tintuc@hoithanh.com

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